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BATL lists its contribution in latest successful test firing of BRAHMOS


Press Release July

Thiruvananthapuram:  An advanced version of the 290-km range BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile was test-fired from Odisha coast on 8th of July, 2014. The missile was test-fired from a mobile autonomous launcher from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur at about 10.40 AM, Dr. A S Pillai, CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace and Chairman, BATL, said.
The BRAHMOS missile is capable of carrying a conventional warhead of 300 kg and flies at a top speed of 2.8 Mach, which is about three times faster than the US subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile.
The metallic body of the test fired missile was integrated at the Missile Integration Complex of BrahMos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Limited (BATL). The Missile Integration Complex of BATL situated at Chackai, Thiruvananthapuram, was inaugurated in November 2012, which started its series production from January 2013.
The test fired missile was manufactured from among the first batch of articles integrated at Missile Integration Complex of BATL. Also a few of the crucial metallic airframe components of this missile were indigenously manufactured at the facilities of BATL.
In addition to the credit of BATL, the booster motor case for BRAHMOS missile, indigenously manufactured by BATL, was successfully static tested by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), after going through -20 degree C climatic condition. This motor case will now be cleared for serial production.